Final Reflection

Wait what? The semester is already over? My time at Tec is over? Studying at tec was a very different experience from what I am used to from my home university. Also I love the campus, all the many food stalls and the hammocks! I appreciated all the different sport offerings, bought a tennis racket, started to learn playing, something I will definitely continue when back in Germany. Thinking about my experiences, one main thing I learned at tec is cutting back on perfectionism. I don’t believe that perfectionism is a bad quality but sometimes it’s out of place and efficiency is what counts as is true for homeworks at tec – quantity over quality seems to be the motto (something I’m definitely not gonna miss). Still I did like most of my courses, had some very good teachers both competent and sympathetic that I would surely recommend.  

At the beginning of the course TC2004 I was a bit skeptical. What would be the take away from this course given the lack of content wise input from teacher side. But by the end I remembered and was reinforced in what I already knew: 1. Confront and teach a topic to yourself and you wont forget it; 2. If you are able to explain it to someone else you really understood it. Ken I’m a fan! How many courses have I taken at university, studied for the exam and a few weeks later forgotten everything. What I was able to teach myself in TC2004 might be a bit more superficial than what I have been taught in other courses, but I remember everything. And to be honest what we are gonna take away from university are basic concepts, details are different for every company, every situation and therefor will be learned on the job. Software systems was a completely new topic for me. This semester I was able to get a grasp of the basic concepts (such as the software development lifecycle, the unified software process, use cases, modeling languages such as UML, design patterns, code revision, verification and validation) and develop a deeper interest in the field that I will follow in the future. 

But first its time for some time off. Lucky for me my time in Mexico is not over yet. There is a lot of good stuff to come until my return to Germany and I’ll definitely have to come back to explore everything north of Guadalajara. During the semester I have traveled a lot, seen a lot of places, and learned even more about Mexican culture. The ease of Mexican people wore off on me. Usually I am a someone that quickly puts a lot of pressure on myself, but here I was able to adapt to the Mexican way of doing things. Is this good? Well, for me personally it is because I got used to taking some things easier, for other things such as my time management it isn’t, I was quite a bit sloppy. BUT in the end I got everything done well thanks to my ambition and that’s what counts isn’t it. 

In that sense, to a great semester at Tec and in Mexico, to a lot of lessons learned and to a perfectly imperfect post! 

Hope to see you some time in the future again Ken. 

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